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Environment & Ecology

Soil Assessment


A national mineral extraction company were submitting an environmental statement as part of a planning application to extend the workings at a hard rock quarry.  They required the soil resources – both those held in store from the current workings and those on the proposed extension – to be assessed in the context of final quarry restoration to agricultural land.


Our solution


EES conducted an extensive soil pitting exercise across the proposed extension, carefully logging the soil type, structure and depth.  A detailed assessment of the material held in soil store was also conducted in order to create a complete picture of soil resources. 


The topsoil and subsoil resources on the site were fully assessed and, with reference to the proposed phasing plan, EES were able to give recommendations on soil stripping and storage procedures.  EES were also able to advise on the volumes of imported soil needed for final restoration.


And the benefits


Using our report, the client could make early strategic plans for the stripping, storage and importation of soils to the site.  The comprehensive report, illustrated with plans, outlined all soil types and volumes and contained professional recommendations and strategic planning options.  The report was submitted as supporting documentation with the environmental statement.

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