Environment & Ecology

Rural Estate - Due Diligence


As part of the purchase of a large rural estate, the prospective landowner required a due diligence environmental report.  The scope of work involved the identification of brownfield and contamination liabilities along with other environmental risks of a similar nature, including asbestos.


Our solution


EES conducted an extensive desk study including a review of historic maps, estate records and asbestos survey information; in order to identify past land uses that may have led to contamination.  This was augmented with a physical inspection of the main farmsteads, along with all other features likely to be of interest from an environmental liability perspective.  The findings were compiled in a comprehensive report which set out our recommendations for dealing with environmental risks and liabilities where they occurred. 


And the benefits


The purchaser was able to obtain a clear picture of the environmental liabilities that they would take on.  From this they we able to identify significant aspects which required attention in purchase negotiations and to prioritise remedial measures in terms of environmental risk.