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Environment & Ecology



EES staff have unrivalled experience in planning, working and restoring upland areas being worked for minerals and other large-scale developments. We are often appointed to advise the developer and their contractors, and to provide advice on working methods and complaiance monitoring to enable  construction and operational sites to proceed smoothly, as Environmental Advisors and Clerk of Works.


Client – Energy Funds/Developers


EES were appointed environmental advisors for three consented upland windfarms in East Lancashire totalling 20 3MW turbines, each with complex environmental planning conditions imposed after two Appeals (Planning and Common Land) to discharge in three planning authority areas.  Contributions were made to the CEMPs, and EES authored the approved Habitat Reinstatement, Habitat Management, Protected Species and Private Water Supplies Protection Schemes, with its multidisciplinary team.


Subsequently we have acted as Environmental Clerk of Works (ECoW), Soil and Conservation Advisor, and project ecologists, from Ground Investigation stage and during main well as carrying out water supply monitoring throughout.  EES has also provided incident response for an oil spill, private water supplies and a turbine fire.  We are retained to provide continuance in the Operational & Maintenance stage of the sites, for all environmental aspects including detailed ecology monitoring for birds, bats and habitats, hydrology and private water supplies, as well as liaison with Steering Groups and the three Local Authorities. 


EES have also acted as ECoW on other wind farms construction in Scotland, authored Habitat Management Plans and assisted in the discharge of Planning Condition requirements.


And the benefits


The practical experience and applied knowledge of EES contributed to the smooth progress and success of the projects. Our understanding of both  reclamation and habitat management gave the stakeholders confidence in the progress of the Renewables projects and their compliant habitat management.

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