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Environmental Compliance 


A vehicle recycling firm were issued a notice concerning non-compliance with the conditions of their operating licence.  Subsequently a notice of partial suspension of the site licence was served, jeopardising the continuation of the commercial operation. 


Our solution


With effective discussion with the regulator, EES were able to identify the problems and draw up a programme of remedial measures, which was agreed with the client and regulator.  This included the installation of impermeable surfaces & kerbs, establishing a protocol for receipt, segregation & storage of waste, establishing an efficient site drainage & interceptor system and the creation of maintenance programmes. 


Regular site inspections were held with the client in order to assess and validate the progress of the remedial work.  These meetings were instrumental in the evolution of objectives and prioritisation of tasks.  The site was categorised, cleaned and potential pollution pathways were broken. 


And the benefits


Through regulator and client liaison, EES were able to devise a staged approach to cleaning the site.  Robust long-term working protocols were established in order to both lift the licence suspension and to ensure the licence was retained in the future.


This resulted in a successful lifting of the licence suspension as the client was able to receive, store and decommission waste to the approval of the regulator.

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