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What is an Environmental Surveyor?


Most people are familiar with the title Chartered Surveyor – a highly qualified professional expert in property.  In reality there are many different kinds of Chartered Surveyor.  Some specialise in building construction, others in rural property issues, and there are many others. 


Chartered Environmental Surveyors are a relatively new breed who specialise in giving professional advice on the many environmental aspects of land and property. 


For the owner or asset manager environmental issues can have a major impact on value.  Regulations are tightening and failure to comply with the latest environmental guidance or legislation can have serious consequences with government and local authority regulators imposing heavy penalties if legislation is disregarded.  Think of asbestos; contamination of land, air or water courses; and waste disposal.


On the other hand there is a real desire to see property with an unattractive environmental legacy cleaned up and brought back into purposeful use, particularly in light of the desire to limit the release of green-field sites.  This brings real opportunities for those prepared to invest in land or property with environmental challenges.  The value added through strategic asset management can be considerable.


The concept of sustainability is growing in credence.  Green design, sustainable construction, planning conditions, mitigation of environmental impacts, environmental management – these are all areas in which a Chartered Environmental Surveyor can provide leadership.


Chartered Environmental Surveyors are highly qualified professionals who have specialist knowledge of the environmental issues that a property owner or investor can face.  When decisions have to be made on acquisition, development or disposal, their advice on potential or actual environmental problems and whether or how they can be resolved can be crucial. 


As members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors they can be relied upon to be honest and trustworthy and to give advice of the highest professional standard.


RICS members are off the highest intellectual and professional calibre and strenuous efforts are made to ensure that that they stay up to date with the latest research and practices.  Available to them is the wealth of knowledge of the RICS with all of its varied specialisms and experience.


Additionally, all Chartered Environmental Surveyors hold Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover the cost of any claim brought by a client for recompense if things go wrong as a result of the advice they have given.  This re-assurance sets the Chartered Environmental Surveyor apart from other advisors.


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