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Land developments of all types are increasingly affected by the need to provide environmental information and assessment. We have 25 years experience of environmental assessment, designing mitigation schemes, and their practical implementation in the commercial sector. Our work is highly regarded by environmental regulators and clients.


Environmental Assessment


We provide formal or informal environmental assessment for development schemes and can act as environmental co-ordinator, as well as providing specialist inputs or project management.


Ecological Assessment


We carry out protected species surveys of Bats, Owls, Badgers, Great Crested Newts and Water Voles for all types of development sites including housing, using licenced surveyors. We also design mitigation measures and provide practical advice on their implementation.


Site Assessment


Elliott Environmental Surveyors offers wide range of assessment skills which cover soils, hydrology, ecology, earth sciences and agricultural impact assessments.

Mitigation Design, Implementation and Co-ordination


We have the technical skills and long term experience to design and implement practical environmental mitigation strategies such as moorland enhancement, wetland design and peatland restoration.


Project Co-ordination and Management


The management of an environmental mitigation scheme for any project can be a difficult and politically charged task. We have successful experience of acting as project managers for stakeholder committees, drawing together our practical knowledge and skills in diplomacy and negotiation with an understanding of stakeholders’ concerns.

Environmental Monitoring


We have 25 years experience as Environmental & Ecological Clerks of Works (Ecow) and monitoring the environmental aspects of development sites, during the development phase and after care periods. We work hard to maintain the trust of the client, contractors, site personnel and regulators to keep projects on track.


Case Studies:


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